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  • Famous Relatives

    Some of my relatives are world-famous, including:

    • Edward Thorndike, my maternal great grandfather. He was a famous psychologist, and author of the Thorndike dictionary.
    • Robert L Thorndike, my maternal great uncle. He was a famous psychologist.
    • William Clark, who led the Lewis and Clark expedition, which explored what is now the western United States. He is one of my father's ancestors. My father and I are both named after him.

    Going further back, both sides of my family have a lot of royalty, including on my mother's side the Sweetsers and Eleanor of Aquaitaine and the Plantagenets. Through the royalty I am distantly related to the famous scientist Isaac Newton. is my email address.

    People I have helped or their offspring, or anybody else who has questions or comments should feel free to contact me.